UI/UX Design


Interglobe Enterprises


Design the intranet to have a clear brand and identity of its own, distinct from the public-facing site and providing continuity as the organisation evolves and restructures.


Design a collaborative platform to build confidence among the staff that the intranet will provide them with accurate and up-to-date information. It should reflect the culture of the organisation and can also help to drive cultural change.


With any redesign comes the opportunity for a fresh new look & feel. Drawing inspiration from the best of public-facing sites and the Interglobe website, we shrugged off the dated appearance of MyGlobe and designed a modern and experiential SharePoint portal. Modern web practices delivered an attractive appearance through the use of CSS and semantic markup. This gave the best of both worlds: a professional design combined with great cross-browser and cross-device compatibility. It also allowed the design of the intranet to be quickly adjusted and improved without having to change back-end coding or CMS configuration.